A B C's of Alphabet Soup

A- Always drawing new things. :)
B- Best blog out there? You bet.
C-Cool, too.
D-Drawings with no real point.
E-Everday life...comes with it's crazy times. & That's what Alphabet Soup is all about. :)
F-Failure of drawings sometimes? Of course.
G- God is my Savior. (:
H-Happy stuff, no 'I hate my life' junk. :P
I-I actually like alphabet soup, the soup? No, it's yucky.
J-Jealous? I bet you are.
K-Katelyn is the name of my sister.
L-LAUREN, the author AND illustrator, baby.  :D
M-More drawings coming? Um, go back to A!
N-Nothing that makes sense (:
O-Oh hey, this site is cool.
P-People are my favorite to draw.
Q-Quite random, yes I am.
R-Requests? Yes,  I take them
S-Stupidly funny. :D
T-Totally entertaining.
U-Unlikely to stop.
V-Violin ; ...I used to play one. :P
W-Wow, I'm almost done!
X-Xylophone would be awesome to play. Too bad I'm musically challenged.
Y-Yay, Alphabet Soup! :D
Z-Zis is zee end. :(