Monday, February 21, 2011

This Stuff Happens.

But only to me.
I always end up looking weird in pictures.
Especially school pictures.
Everyone always looks so perfect, innocent, and did I mention...better than me?
Sometimes going through my yearbooks, I kind of look good. Until I look at my middle school pictures.
Oh gosh, those are awful.
Something like this:

I bet you can tell which one's me.
I look like a total creeper.
At least my eyes aren't closed?


Anonymous said...

The same thing happens to me..
Like, from grade 1-3, I always flashed a weird smile and my eyes were all wide & creepy from the camera light.. :p

joannexhelberg said...

that was from Jo btw ^^

Inggrid/Cia2 said...

nice drawing ^^
same thing here, i always end up w/ the worst picture in the class.. TT

Lauren ♥ said...

@Jo; Wow, haha. At least they weren't closed! (?)

@Inggrid/Cia2; Thank you! (: & Aww, so do I (most of the time, in my opinion.)